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Save time and connect with talent who are pre-qualified by our team. Get up and running fast for your next projects.
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Save on fees and pay talent with bitcoin, from your account to their wallet. Invoices and receipts are sent to your inbox.
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Easy bitcoin payments
Make all your payments directly from your Plebwork account. There is a 3.95% fee for each project. Invoices and receipts are available for your accounting.
Chat messages on phone
Certified talent
Work with only the best of talent available on Plebwork by hiring certified profiles. Every certified talent is manually reviewed and approved by our team.

Join a growing community working on bitcoin

Author of the comment
Men need work. Everyday a man spends not working, he becomes a shell of who he is supposed to be. Leisure is soul sucking.
Author of the comment
Bitcoin Pakistan
I can't use Apple Pay. I can't use PayPal. I can't use Stripe. I can't use Wise. Because I'm in Pakistan 🇵🇰 I CAN USE #Bitcoin
Author of the comment
Bitcoin For Freedom
People work 100,000 hours throughout their lifetime to earn money, and then gets robbed by inflation without knowing. If they’d spend 100 hours (0.1%) of that time to learn about money their lifes would change drastically. #bitcoin
Author of the comment
Bitcoin Africa Story
In case you don't know who Plebwork is, Plebwork is a platform where skilled Bitcoiners earns sats. Think of Plebwork like Upwork or Fiverr in a Bitcoin version! Shoutout to the amazing team members at Plebwork!
Author of the comment
BTC Sessions
Happy to say that 90% or more of my income is Bitcoin
Author of the comment
I challenge you to accumulate Bitcoin without KYC during the 3.125 epoch.
Author of the comment
Satoshi Consult
Fantastic product and marketplace: Plebwork. There’s a lot of bitcoiners out there that want: 1) extra income sources 2) want to get paid in bitcoin, 3) want to quit their fiat job, or at least reduce the scarce time they spend at their fiat job.
Author of the comment
Stephan Livera
The Fed creates the conditions where the banking system can create massively more money when it is loaned into existence. You work hard to earn money, they create an abusive system to create more money that their privileged friends can access but you can't. Use Bitcoin.
Author of the comment
Francis Pouliot
Earn bitcoin > buy bitcoin
Author of the comment
BTC Gandalf
One day you won’t be able to buy #bitcoin with fiat. You will only be able to earn it by providing goods and services that the market values enough to part with their BTC for them.I can’t wait.
Author of the comment
Neil Jacobs
If you want to 'earn' bitcoin, put in the work. There's no risk free way to earn yield by just giving bitcoin to some third party. Provide value and bitcoin will be provided to you.
Author of the comment
Plamen Andonov
Earn in bitcoin. Save in bitcoin. Spend in bitcoin. This is the way.
Author of the comment
Daniel Prince
Quit fiat, anon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments work?
Payments are made in bitcoin only. Clients pay talent directly with 100% pass-through. Payments are self-custodial. Plebwork does not control user funds, as we use free and open source BTCPay Server. All invoices and payment receipts are sent via email and available in your dashboard.
How much does it cost?
As a client, does Plebwork guarantee the quality of its talent, freelancers and agencies?
As a freelancer, how can I trust that I will get paid for my work?

Work with the best in Bitcoin

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