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Work anonymously. On your own schedule. From anywhere you like. Freelancing as in “free”.
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Show your best craft, and what you can bring to the table. Slowly build your reputation over time.
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Hold your own keys. It’s 100% non-custodial. Get paid via Bitcoin for a one-time gig or regular projects.

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Earn bitcoin, straight into your own wallet.

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Find qualified bitcoiners, from designers, to writers and engineers. No long-time commitment.
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Directly pay your freelancers from your account into their wallet with no intermediaries.
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Transparent pricing with a simple marketplace fee and invoicing for your bookkeeping.
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Dedicated customer support to manage all your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments work?
Payment processing is managed by Plebwork using free and open source BTCPay Server. It is non-custodial so both plebs and clients have 100% control over their funds. As a pleb, you connect an existing wallet to your account, and that's it! When pay-day comes, clients pay you directly. All invoices are generated and shared by Plebwork for your accounting needs.
What is the Plebwork marketplace fee?
How can I trust that I will get paid for my work?
Does Plebwork guarantee the quality of its “plebs” or freelancers?
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