Privacy Policy for Plebwork.com

Updated on 28/02/2024
Welcome to the privacy policy of Plebwork.com, a freelancer marketplace operated, owned and controlled by Rochal Holdings, SLU with business registration number L-717689-K with the Govern of Andorra, in the jurisdiction of Andorra. This Privacy Policy outlines how Rochal Holdings, SLU for Plebwork (“Rochal Holdings”, “Plebwork”, “we”) collect, use, and safeguard your personal information on the platform.
1. Information We Collect:
a. User Profiles:

For freelancers (plebs), we collect personal information such as usernames, biography descriptions, time zones, and professional details (skill sets, hourly rates, and optional social media links) to create user profiles.

For clients, we collect personal information such as usernames, legal entity names, business descriptions, time zones, and optional social media links to create user profiles. Additionally, we collect job details for clients to post job offerings on the marketplace.

b. Sensitive Information:

We may collect sensitive information, including email addresses, to facilitate communication and transactions on the platform, such as sending invoices and payment receipts during projects undertaken between clients and plebs.

c. Wallet Information (Plebs Only):

Plebwork is 100% non-custodial. Plebs share a wallet extended public key (XPUB) for connecting their wallet to their user profile. This is used on our BTCPay server for issuing invoices with unique addresses for each payment. Plebs should exercise caution sharing their XPUB, and we recommend connecting a new wallet. Plebwork has a no tracking policy of wallets, but users have to trust us in that regard. If you have any questions, please inquire: support@plebwork.com.
2. Use of Information:
a. Communication:

We use collected information for communication between users, including transactional and marketing emails.

b. Transaction Histories & Tracking:

While we operate under a no-tracking policy for transactions, we store transaction histories for internal operations purposes and dispute resolution if required.
3. Data Security:
We employ industry-standard security measures to protect your data. We enforce 2FA on all internal toolings and rely on Amazon Web Services for data processing, storage, and backups.
4. Database Retention & Backups:
We retain user data for as long as necessary and periodically perform secure database backups for system integrity and stability.
5. Pleb User Identity:
Pleb users have the option to be pseudonymous. Personally identifiable information beyond what is necessary for the marketplace is not required.
6. Client User Identity:
At the moment, clients are required to provide an entity legal name for billing purposes. However, personally identifiable information beyond what is necessary for billing is not collected.
7. Third-Party Services:
We use Brevo for email services and Google, Twitter, and GitHub for user authentication. Refer to respective privacy policies for more information.
8. Cookies:
We use cookies for authentication and during the user's web app experience. Users can manage cookie preferences through browser settings.
9. How We Use Your Information:
We ensure your data is handled responsibly. Access is on a need-to-know basis, and we don't sell or share your data for unrelated purposes.
10. Jurisdiction-Specific Considerations:
Users consent to the transfer, storage, and processing of their data in Andorra. Laws and regulations of Andorra govern the collection, processing, and storage of user data.
11. Opt-Out Options:
Users can opt out of certain communications or marketing activities through account settings or instructions provided in the respective communications.
12. Data Access Requests:
Users can request access to their personal information through designated channels, and we will respond in accordance with applicable data protection laws.
13. Support & Dispute Resolution:
Disputes related to privacy concerns will be resolved according to mechanisms outlined in Plebwork's Terms of Service. Users consent to the collection of additional information for dispute resolution and support purposes.
14. GDPR Compliance:
We are committed to GDPR compliance. Users have rights including access, correction, erasure, and the right to object, which can be exercised through designated channels such as support@plebwork.com.